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About Us

Marietta/Belpre Health Department Team picture

Our Mission

To Protect and improve the health, safety, and well-being of our communities by providing quality public health services.

Our Values

Serving ALL with Compassion and Integrity. Pursuing Excellence through Teamwork.

One Team, One Goal: Healthy Communities!

Our Staff

Dr. Brockett, MD

Health Commissioner

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2303

Barbara Bradley, BS, REHS


(740) 373-0611 ext. 2303

Dianna Beck, MSN, APRN

Nurse Practitioner

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2308

Kelly Miller, BS, REHS

Director of Environmental Health

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2304

Rebecca Aber, AAS, CPST

Accreditation Coordinator/ Human Resources/ Grants Administrator 

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2301

Amber Gossett-Bailey, BSPH

Health Planning and Promotion Coordinator/Environmental Administrative Assistant/PIO

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2316

Cammie Loane 

Registrar/Fiscal Office Clerk 

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2305

Kim Guckert, RN

Children with Medical Handicaps Nurse

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2310

Diane Drost

Nursing Administrative Assistant

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2312

Becky Jones, RN

Public Health Nurse

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2309

Abbigayle Curtis, LPN

Public Health Nurse

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2317

Jennifer Flesher

Community Health Worker

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2311

Erin Bernardo

Community Health Worker

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2318

Marietta/Belpre Board of Health

Suzanne Baker, RN


Representing Marietta

Desiree Kerns


Representing Belpre

Laurie Gwinn


Representing Belpre & Marietta

Joel Whitaker, DDS


Representing Belpre

Michael Lorentz

Mayor of Belpre


Josh Schlicher

Mayor of Marietta


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