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About Us

Marietta/Belpre Health Department Team picture

Our Mission

To Protect and improve the health, safety, and well-being of our communities by providing quality public health services.

Our Values

Serving ALL with Compassion and Integrity. Pursuing Excellence through Teamwork.

One Team, One Goal: Healthy Communities!

Our Staff

Dr. Brockett, MD

Health Commissioner

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2303

Barbara Bradley, BS, REHS


(740) 373-0611 ext. 2303

Dianna Beck, MSN, APRN

Nurse Practitioner

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2308

Kelly Miller, BS, REHS

Director of Environmental Health

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2304

Amber Gossett-Bailey, BSPH

Health Planning and Promotion Coordinator/Environmental Administrative Assistant/PIO

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2316

Cammie Loane 

Registrar/Fiscal Office Clerk 

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2305

Kim Guckert, RN

Children with Medical Handicaps Nurse

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2310

Diane Drost

Nursing Administrative Assistant

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2312

Becky Jones, RN

Public Health Nurse

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2309

Abbigayle Curtis, LPN

Public Health Nurse

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2317

Jennifer Flesher

Community Health Worker

(740) 373-0611 ext. 2311

Marietta/Belpre Board of Health

Board Meeting Minutes

For our most recent Board Meeting minutes, please visit the link below. Click the "minutes" button. For any questions or minutes from prior months, reach out to

Amber Gossett-Bailey,

Suzanne Baker, RN


Representing Marietta

Desiree Kerns


Representing Belpre

Laurie Gwinn


Representing Belpre & Marietta

Joel Whitaker, DDS


Representing Belpre

Ann Stewart


Representing Marietta

Susan Abdella 

Mayor of Belpre


Josh Schlicher

Mayor of Marietta


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